Hello there.

I'm a maker, programmer and 4th (final) year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student at Imperial College London. Most recently, I've been building the future of transportation with the amazing folks over at autonomous vehicle startup nuTonomy, as a member of the Machine Perception team where I worked on state-of-the-art calibration techniques for our sensor suite.

Aside from self-driving cars and robots, I'm generally enthusiastic about all making / programming / electronics-related topics (with a particular soft spot for projects at the intersection of art and technology), so do get in touch if you'd like to collaborate on a project or chat about any of my existing work!

On the side, I occasionally enjoy doing graphic design and photomanipulation art; you can check out my design portfolio here.

Here's my CV, or you can contact me at chanjunshern@gmail.com.


Check out some of the things I've worked on below, dynamically generated from my GitHub profile! (Also available as a slideshow)